Modern Detached Home, Bomere Heath

About the project

Having bought the house from new when their children were small, my clients felt an update was long overdue. Working with furniture they already owned whilst trying to create a completely new atmosphere was the challenge.

The hallway and landing, which had previously felt dark and old fashioned were transformed into a welcoming space with a touch of wow! With their daughter’s now young adults they wanted to update their rooms to reflect this and inject some glamour into their own bedroom, which was lacking character.

In the lounge and working with their existing three-piece suite, the space was given an injection of ski lodge chic with a wraparound wallpaper and lots of contrasting textures. Turning it from a room that was rarely used to a cosy and relaxing family space.

Client Review

“Kate, has made a massive difference to our home, giving us confidence to make changes with her fantastic vision. We love the changes and she has made the process easy with her guidance and patience.”