Frequently Asked Questions

Some companies offer a free design service. Why should I pay for an interior designer?

Most companies who offer a free design service do so to sell you a product. An
interior designer has the skills, experience and vision to support you to create a
home that brings you joy. I work with you to understand exactly how your home needs to work for you and how it needs to look and feel to make you happy, inevitably saving you time and money, but more importantly guaranteeing you home design you love. And, as I’m not affiliated to any manufacturers or suppliers, this gives us free reign to choose items that work perfectly in your home. 


I’m worried an interior designer will only suggest high-end products that are out of my budget.

From the outset of us working together, we will confirm the budget and I will create a plan for your home that fits within it.

No expensive options if that is not what you want or what you need. My process is driven by developing trust and a design collaboration between us built on respect for what you need, and what your budget is.

I’ve never used an interior designer before and I’m not sure if it’s right for me. Can you help?

The thought of working with an interior designer can feel quite daunting. However, investing in a professional design service can ultimately save you a great deal of time and money by ensuring everything is carried out within the parameters of a clear design plan.  

I can allay any fears you’re having in the free discovery call I offer, and my testimonials will show you that I work with a wide range of different people, homes and budgets.

I passionately believe in making good interior design more accessible, so I hope we can have a conversation to reassure you about what is possible.

Can I keep my existing furniture?

Yes, absolutely. I love to work with objects and pieces a client already has and build from that to create a really personal design. Part of the process is understanding how you feel about what you own, how you feel about your space, and finding you a creative solution that will enable you to fall in love with your home again.

What if I don’t like your designs?

My process, particularly the Home Design Blueprint, means that you are very
much part of the journey, and I will not start the designs until you have signed off
the brief and are completely satisfied the interior designs are what you are looking for.

This early stage sign off means that I have never (touch wood!) had anyone say that  they were unhappy with the designs I have produced. That said, there is always room for slight revisions once delivered – after all, your complete satisfaction is what I am looking to get!

My partner and I can’t agree on styles and colours. Will you help with this?

I have had clients who have certainly needed design mediation, and it is common to find that some conflict arises in the overwhelm of trying to redesign a living space you both share.

Reassuringly, I have always been able to navigate this with my clients, to ensure that both partners are  aligned on the approach taken and both able to discover a newfound love of their space.

I know what I like but I struggle to know how to make it work in my home. Can you help with this?

I find that the best results come from understanding your needs, aspirations and how you want to live. Through the creative process, and our collaboration, it is my job to translate the things you love into designs that will work for you, your home and your lifestyle. This is when we create the look and feel that will bring you the most joy.


At what stage should we hire an interior designer?

If you are planning a renovation as opposed to redecoration, the earlier you hire an interior designer, the better. You need to be ready to answer the questions your builder will ask you with regards to lighting, electrics, space-planning, flooring etc, and you will also have to ensure you are doing things in the right order. These are all things an interior designer can help you with.

Can you help me implement the designs you create?

Absolutely! I can either create designs for you to implement, or I can work with you throughout. I want to make everything as easy as possible for you, and have a variety of packages and add-on services to choose from, enabling you to put together a bespoke package that works for you and your budget.

I also provide ongoing support with all my packages, which can prove invaluable as you embark on your redecoration or renovation. 

Can I see some examples of your work?

Of course! Take a look at the case studies on my website or follow me on Instagram and you will be able to see some of my work.

How long will it take?

This very much depends on which package you choose and the size and scale of your requirements.

I will be able to give you a better idea once I understand abit more about your project. Any questions you have, please book in for a free call or use the contact form to reach out.

Do you offer trade discounts?

I offer trade discounts exclusively to existing or previous clients who have invested in one of my design packages.  These discounts can potentially save a client hundreds of pounds. Take a look at my add-on services page for more information on how this works.

I don’t live in Shropshire. Can I still work with you?

My Home Design Consultation and Room Refresh packages are available online as well as in person, so can be accessed by anyone anywhere. My Home Design Blueprint package is an in-person service, and is offered within a 30-mile radius of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

What do you charge?

I believe in being fully transparent with fees, and you will be able to see costs for working with me on my services page.

I pride myself on working with a variety of different budgets, so if you still have questions about costs, let’s have a no-obligation call to discuss your needs.

How do we get started?

Contact me! I can’t wait to hear from you.