Mixing Metals With Confidence

People worry about mixing metals, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. But it’s something you should consider doing if you want to add interest and character to your home.
Sticking slavishly to the same finish can look predictable and dull and it’s absolutely not necessary to coordinate everything. Just follow a few simple rules and you’ll soon be mixing with confidence.
Here are my top five tips for making it work.

Stick to two or three different metal finishes and don’t worry about including your appliances.​ 

These are more often than not stainless steel and, like a pair of denim jeans, generally fit in with any scheme. But do remember to think about the metal that appears elsewhere in the room – on table legs, chairs and bar stools, as well as light switches and sockets – include these as one of your choices.

Have like objects in the same finish. 

So, for example you could choose to have all your light fixtures in one metal and all your hardware such as cabinet handles and knobs in another.

One way to add real impact is to have the lighting over your island or dining table in one finish such as brass or copper and have all the other finishes in a different metal so that the lighting  becomes the real showstopper in the room. 

​Alternatively, if you have a kitchen island in a different wood to the rest of the cabinets this is a great opportunity to introduce a contrasting metal in any hardware on the island unit.

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The key to doing it well is contrast. 

Make your choice look considered and deliberate and you’ll create a scheme that has energy and character.

Contrast warm with cool – warm metals like brass, copper and gold look great mixed with cooler colours like chrome, iron and silver. Or opt for matte black with a polished bronze or brass. Avoid mixing metals that look too similar such as nickel and chrome. Although one is the warm version, and one is the cool they’re too similar and it can look like you haven’t thought it through

Don’t forget about texture.

Mix shiny with matte or rusted finishes and polished with hammered metals. Remember to disperse them throughout the room for a balanced and considered look. 

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Finally, think about the style of the room. 

Chrome and matte black work well together in an Industrial style kitchen, as does copper. A traditional style bathroom looks beautiful with antique brass,matte black and satin nickel.  

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Thanks for reading.

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