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My signature Home Design Blueprint package is a unique and exciting way to create a professionally designed home without the price tag that comes with a full interior design service.

Whether you’re re-imagining one room or your whole house, this design package will enable you to transform it into the warm, inviting space you dream about but feel that you lack the time, confidence or creativity to do on your own.

It’s perfect for you if you’re starting from scratch and are ready to get going but you’re struggling to know where to start and how to pull everything together. 

Puglia and Amalfi Coast Wedding Destination

What My Client’s Say

Kate really took the time to get to know us and find out exactly what we wanted to achieve. She turned a daunting process into something we have actually enjoyed! We are currently using her blueprint to make all the changes and we can’t wait to show her the outcome.


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Georgian Interior


Home improvement projects usually stall for two reasons – people begin doing things in the wrong order or they start  focussing on one element without considering how this will affect and restrict all the other decisions they will have to make to get the room finished. The consequence of both approaches is often sadly the same – frustration at having to spend  more time and more money to resolve the issues.

Between, work, family life and the daily to-do list, finding the time and the energy to renovate your home can end up feeling way too overwhelming. And that’s when you don’t even get started – nothing gets done and you stay stuck living in a home that isn’t working for you and makes you feel stressed and miserable.

I don’t want any of these scenarions for you.


With a Home Design Blueprint package we first zoom out and focus on the bigger picture before honing in on all the details. We begin our design journey together by getting crystal clear on your style likes and dislikes, the things that matter to you, your budget and how your home needs to work.

Then we laser in on the room itself –  the elements you plan to keep that will impact any design choices, what is and isn’t working currently  and what we need to do to maximise the look, feel and potential of your space.

All this happens before we even start thinking about new furniture, flooring, cushions and colours!

See what I mean by detailed?

Luckily, I love this part of the design process. And, once you’re done answering all my questions, you can sit back and let me create some design magic for you.

Distilling all the information you’ve shared, with my interior design skills and experience, I’ll create a detailed design scheme, exclusively for you, your home and your budget. 

Puglia and Amalfi Coast Wedding Destination
Puglia and Amalfi Coast Wedding Destination


  •  2 x 2-hour in-person consultations –  Let’s start by defining your interior style & clarifying your needs and aspirations
  • Easy to understand to-scale floor plans –  make the most of your living space & be sure planned furniture fits perfectly
  • A  coordinated and beautiful colour palette  – banish indecision, be braver in your choices & confident in the result
  • Lighting Plan  – Whether it’s tweaks  to existing lighting or a new plan, it needs to be worked out early on in the process.
  • A mock up design of the room – see how all the elements – colours, furniture, lighting, flooring and soft furnishings – work together to create a stunning space.
  • Sample board – Touch and see fabrics, wallpapers, flooring, tiles and other finishes in situ
  • Product board – with recommendations for all the required furniture, lighting, soft furnishings and accessories
  • A curated shopping list of key pieces –  Shop for the items recommended on your product board. Each option selected for its suitability, size and good looks! 
  • Professional advice – on choosing the right flooring, rugs, window treatments and accessories to complement your new scheme
  • 12 weeks ongoing support –  from me as you embark on the transformation
  • Access to insider follow-on sessions and services –  for even more help



If you’re tired of trying to do it all on your own. If you’re stuck in a rut, doubting all your design decisions.  If you’re ready to take action and get it right. I’ve got you covered.

And, if you do want any extra help or support to implement your designs, I’ve created a flexible way for you to get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Your Investment: £1,500 for one room